Drive | Warship: Life at Sea S1-S3
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Warship: Life at Sea S1-S3


Series one: 4 x 60′
Warship: Life at Sea documents the everyday life on board HMS Duncan, one of the most advanced warships in the world. With unprecedented access to the Royal Navy’s £1billion Type 45 Destroyer over a seven month-period, our cameras capture the most dramatic moments in the ship’s short history. This 4-part series follows the ups and downs of Duncan’s crew and reveals their lives on the ship in intimate detail, as these 280 men and women, including their female captain, find themselves at the centre of some of the most sensitive military operations in recent years.

Series two: 5 x 60′
Series 2 follows HMS Duncan on her most dramatic mission yet as they are sent to the two of the world’s most dangerous regions. Their mission: to spend two months conducting anti-Isis campaigns off the coast of Syria. However, as in series 1, international events lead HMS Duncan into uncharted waters as they are called into action at the frontline as tensions with Iran reach unprecedented levels.

Series three: 5 x 60′
Series 3 reveals what the daily life is like on board HMS Northumberland, one of the most advanced warships in the Royal Navy. With unprecedented access to the Type 23 Frigate and its crew of over 200 people, we reveal what it means to live and work at sea for months at a time – as far North as the Arctic Circle – and follow the crew as they battle a threat from Russian warship sand nuclear submarines surrounding the UK in an attempt to overwhelm the Royal Navy.

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Series 1: 4 X 60 / Series 2: 5 x 60/ Series 3: 5 x 60


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