Drive | The Real Noah’s Ark
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The Real Noah’s Ark


The story of Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood is one of the most universal stories in human history. This epic tale has long been one of the most important stories for three of the world’s great religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But now an astonishing discovery is challenging everything we think we knew about this Biblical legend. In 1948 a British RAF pilot, Leonard Simmons, discovered a tablet covered in mysterious writing when he was serving in Egypt. He brought it home as an intriguing memento, and it lay forgotten in a chest for forty years. Curious about its value, his son eventually brought it to an expert at the British Museum. He discovered it was 3700 years old and came from Mesopotamia, the world’s cradle of civilisation – now modern day Iraq. It is an ancient instruction manual for building a huge boat to survive a flood…

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