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Snapped In The Wild


Experience incredible moments of wild animal action – shocking, gripping and exciting…

A combination of talent, patience, split-second timing or sheer luck has allowed folk the world over to capture incredible animal events on camera – and they might never be repeated.

From a close call with an enraged elephant on safari, to a heart-warming encounter with a friendly monkey, wildlife never fails to surprise and delight.

From classic natural history shots to UGC footage, from animal-on-animal attacks to unusual cooperative behaviour, from amusing to just plain adorable – Snapped In The Wild has it covered.

Imagine being the couple camping in Botswana who woke up to find lions licking water off the outside of their tent – or the kayakers who felt the full force of a 40-ton humpback whale when it breached the water next to them…

Graphically illustrating different species’ abilities, psychology and behaviour, these stories provide new insight into wildlife across the globe. Meet people whose lives were changed forever by sharing one powerful moment in time with a wild animal.

Discover the wild animals who illustrate just how ingenious, beautiful, funny and frightening the natural world can be.

Experience ‘right time, right place’ taken to extremes. Experience what it means to be Snapped In The Wild…

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Drive is pleased to present a diverse and extensive catalogue of more than 1000 short form stories from leading content agency and production company Barcroft. From wildlife to human interest, and from fashion to motoring, we can offer a wide range of content - all produced to the highest production standards and available in a number of different formats. The material is available on a stand alone basis or grouped by theme under the content brands Animal Stories, Human Stories and Motoring.