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Ridiculous Rides


Ridiculous Rides is a priceless car collection, packed with the fast and the curious. Meet the obsessed owners, lift the lid on insane custom builds and get behind the wheel of 230mph multi million dollar hypercars…

Revel in the horsepower, marvel at the inventive engineering. Gasp at the stunts. Hear the engines scream. Whatever your dream drive, these ridiculous rides will get your motor running…

Taking in car cultures across the planet, this is also an eye-popping stealth travelogue – a global adventure wrought in love, sweat and oil. From eccentric Burning Man art car crews, to zillionaire Dubai playboys splashing the cash, it’s as much about the people as the power.

Go inside the world of the Japanese-led super crew – a group of flamboyant Lamborghini fanatics who light up Tokyo’s streets after dark.

Ride with with Rednecks rock crawling in Nevada, gun a Nissan GTR up a ski slope, get down and dirty at a swamp racing meet in Florida – and discover what it takes to create the perfect replica Batcar.

 a genuine passion for all things automotive, each story offers a unique twist sure to grab attention. Find common ground with uncommon people and join us on an epic road trip as we live, eat and turn spanners with big characters and their Ridiculous Rides…

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