Drive | Putin: The New Tsar
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Putin: The New Tsar


This documentary will provide the first authoritative account of who Vladimir Putin actually is. What drives him, what does he fear, who does he love and hate?
Through unique access we will get a real sense of his character from those closest to him – the women he has loved, the men who gave him power, the spies he regards as brothers, the President he faced down and the man who has been his mouthpiece for years. This film goes beyond a chronological account of all the usual milestones:
son of a Soviet veteran, punchy school kid, law student, KGB intern and the operative in Dresden, followed by his vertical ascent through the St Petersburg and Kremlin administrations, until Yeltsin stunned Russia and the world by handing him the Prime Ministership.


1 X 60 / 1 X 90


Oxford Films for BBC2