Drive | Perfect Body
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Perfect Body


Starting from scratch, we would never have designed our bodies the way they are today. They’re full of faults and imperfections – strange relics of evolution. From badly wired eyeballs to inefficient knee joints, these flaws cause illnesses and premature ageing.
But recent scientific developments promise a brave new future. Gene editing is fast becoming a reality and bionic modifications are transforming medicine. Within decades, we could have the capability to radically re-engineer our biology.
What if we designed the perfect human body from scratch? What would it look like? And how could it change the way we live?
In The Perfect Body, anatomist Alice Roberts embarks on an audacious scientific stunt – re-building her own body from scratch to edit out the errors left behind by evolution. With the help of innovative sculptor and 3D printing expert Scott Eaton, Alice is going to create a life-size model of the perfect human body. Big, bold and slightly bonkers, this landmark two-part factual theatre series uncovers the surprising secrets of natural selection and reveals what our bodies would look like if we took them back to the drawing board.


2 X 60