Drive | Osama bin Laden – The Inside Story
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Osama bin Laden – The Inside Story


This isn’t a biography; nor is it a straightforward political history. No single person more totally reflects the complex changes the Middle East – and the wider world – have undergone in the last 40 years than Osama bin Laden. And no one person has been more responsible for them.

10 years on from the death of Osama Bin laden and 20 years on from 9/11 – this documentary series will unpack four decades of global geopolitics, told through the perspective of bin Laden and those closest to him. Because to understand how this man became the greatest enemy of the west, you have to understand who he really was. And to understand how he has changed our world – you have to understand what changed him. Weaving together unseen and unexpected archive with exclusive testimony from the people closest to bin Laden, and who are only now ready to speak out – these three films will offer an intimate view of bin Laden that is unlike any the West has had until now, tracing the sliding doors moments that turned him from a quiet, studious billionaire’s son who supported Arsenal and ran his school’s acapella group, to the mastermind of global terror. As we follow his journey through a 1970s Saudi Arabia torn between money and God; a 1980s Afghanistan scarred by war; a 1990s Khartoum where CIA agents and Islamist leaders played a constant game of cat and mouse – we’ll continually pull our focus back to see the wider global forces at play around bin Laden – forces that shaped him, and that he helped to shape. With his seeds of division still playing out today in Syria, Iraq, Yemen; on the streets of London and Manchester, New York and Boston – and with the 9/11 trials due to take place in 2021 – there has never been a better time to ask who sowed them.


3 x 60


Voltage for Channel 4