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Making Mad


Making Mad is a series of films that explores and celebrates creativity in all its forms.

Whether it’s cookery, art, or an ingenious invention, each is a ‘wow’ moment that makes our world a richer place.

Humans have always loved to create – and this powerful collection reminds us of that simple truth. Even in the digital age there are still countless people making incredible work with bare hands and fertile minds.

So come celebrate that skill. Join us on a hunter-gathering mission to feed curious minds. Marvel at the intersection of art, science and the beauty of the natural world. Be moved. Want to applaud. Want to see it again.

From epic photography quests to the furthest corners of the globe, to design, animation, painting, installation art, architecture, robots, street art or simply stunning tattoos, Making Mad is always informative, entertaining and awe inspiring.

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Barcroft Short Clips

Drive is pleased to present a diverse and extensive catalogue of more than 1000 short form stories from leading content agency and production company Barcroft. From wildlife to human interest, and from fashion to motoring, we can offer a wide range of content - all produced to the highest production standards and available in a number of different formats. The material is available on a stand alone basis or grouped by theme under the content brands Animal Stories, Human Stories and Motoring.