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Made For Murder


Who are the killers amongst us? Forensic psychologists delve into the timelines of convicted murderers to expose the tell-tale signs which went ignored. In Los Angeles, Dr Judy Ho, Associate Professor at Pepperdine University and regular expert witness in California courts, reveals how predictable it was that people like Anthony Shore were destined to take the lives of innocents. He had killed cats as a child whilst William Howell’s use of sex workers from the age of 14 was a clear warning about his view of women. Both became serial killers. In London, Dr Donna Youngs pores over the details of the life of Georgina Henshaw. What does her obsession with her looks tell us in the context of her brutal murder of a much older man she had dated? Was the fact that he no longer agreed to give her cash for drinks at the weekend have anything to do with it? Ten murders, ten life timelines and a cache of evidence revealing why some of us are Made for Murder.

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First Look for Sky Crime UK