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Hooked On The Look


The global beauty industry is worth over 15 billion dollars. That’s a lot of people spending an awful lot of money on looking good. But if everyone is spending their cash on looking their best, how do you really stand out from the crowd?

In Hooked On The Look we meet people who’ve gone to extremes to get noticed. From Pixie the Swedish mechanic who’s had six ribs removed so she can have the world’s smallest waist, to Larry the leopard man who re-tattoos his spots before a night out on the town, these are people who go to the ultimate – sometimes even dangerous – lengths for their appearance.

Surrounding our characters are the people who’ve helped them to become who they are today: their doctors, surgeons and beauticians. We also meet their friends and family, who tell us what they really think about their loved one’s utterly extraordinary appearance.

Is their need to be unique a symptom of a culture that’s becoming ever more image obsessed? Or is it evidence of some darker personal demons that require psychological rather than cosmetic help?

There are 6 billion people in the world. Should everyone really look the same – and are these people sane? Judge for yourself…

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