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Dog Dynasty


Dark Dynasty K9’s specialise in breeding some of the world’s most fearsome and massive guard dogs… Their star attraction is Hulk. At 175lb of pure muscle, this is one serious animal – able to kill on cue and snap a man’s arm like a twig. So respected is his bloodline that his puppies, trained as elite guard dogs, can sell for up to $55k.

Yet around young children Hulk is a gentle giant – and just one part of a much bigger and loving family pack. DDK9’s was founded by Marlon Grennan in 2004 and is owned and run by Marlon and his wife Lisa Grennan. Located on a breathtaking 150 acre site in the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire, the DDK9’s family continues to grow as more incredible people are brought onto the team to help with the daily operation of the thriving business.

They proudly promote the well-being and reputation of this working breed with each carefully-raised puppy and well trained dog – but every week brings new challenges.

Whether it’s training other folks’ badly behaved animals, ordering a guard dog to take down an ‘armed’ criminal or organising a bath-time photoshoot with a dozen adorable puppies, life at Dark Dynasty is non-stop hustle.

Have your preconceptions of pitbulls turned upside down, celebrate a family living the American dream – and have your mind blown by the incredible bond between man and beast. Come and join the pack – come and join dog dynasty…

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