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Beast Buddies


Some people love animals more than they love their own families. Meet the Beast Buddies – owners so obsessed with their exotic pets they risk sanity and safety to live together.

Would you share your home with a kangeroo in a nappy? Would you put your head in a polar bear’s jaws, wrestle with a tiger on the sofa or live with a wolf pack? These folk think nothing of it – but what’s going through their minds?

Beast Buddies peers deep into the loving relationships formed between people and their treasured exotic pets. We understand the deep emotional bonds we form with cats and dogs, but how and why do people choose exotic and potentially lethal animals as family friends? Do exotic animals offer a unique emotional connection? These owners certainly seem to think so.

Can exotic animals adapt to new environments and live enriched lives in captivity, or do they only belong in nature? How much do they cost to keep? And how just how lucrative is the worldwide trade in weird pets?

Discover a hidden world of big egos, big cats and big money – as well as plenty of wry laughter. Darkly humorous, deeply personal and sometimes disturbing – welcome to Beast Buddies.

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