Drive | Realscreen: Extra: CBC slates “Reef Rescue”; former Fox Networks Group exec joins ProgramBuyer
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Realscreen: Extra: CBC slates “Reef Rescue”; former Fox Networks Group exec joins ProgramBuyer

Merit Motion Pictures’ “Reef Rescue” to premiere on CBC

A Canada and France copro documentary on scientists discovering new methods to save coral reefs is set to bow on CBC’s ‘The Nature of Things’ on March 6 at 9 p.m.

Reef Rescue follows scientists using the latest methods of genetics, epigenetics, and assisted evolution to reproduce super coral. It’s a pressing issue as in the last 50 years, half of the planet’s coral, a vital underwater ecosystem, has been wiped out by overfishing, pollution and rising water temperatures from climate change.

By examining how some coral has survived some of the planet’s worst coral bleaching events, the super coral will resurrect dead or dying reefs the world over.

Three women are at the forefront of these science discoveries: Ruth Gates at the Gates Lab in Hawaii; Madeleine Van Oppen at the Australian Institute of Marine Science at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia; and Julia Baum at the Baum Lab, University of Victoria, in Canada. They work alongside biologists Greg Asner and Andrew Baker.

Reef Rescue is produced by Merit Motion Pictures, Capa Presse/Films à Cinq, and ARTE France, in association with Vulcan Productions and CBC’s ‘The Nature of Things.’

It will also be available on the free CBC Gem streaming service.

For Merit Motion Pictures, Merit Jensen Carr and Aaron Floresco are producers. For Capa Presse/Films à Cinq, Sally Blake is producer and co-writer, and Su Rynard is director and co-writer. For CBC’s ‘The Nature of Things’, Sue Dando is Executive in Charge of Production.

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