Drive | Body Cam Cops premiered
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Body Cam Cops premiered

In this new series back2back has uncovered some of the most powerful, shocking and extraordinary footage ever filmed by cops on the front-line as they investigate crimes and catch criminals in the act across the world – from Santiago to Seattle, Northampton to Malaga.

Policing in the 21st century is under more scrutiny than ever before, and body worn cameras are becoming essential to law enforcement. This series features some of the most controversial and breath-taking crimes police forces have ever filmed. We will also meet the people involved, be it officers facing crazed killers to innocent members of the public being wrongfully arrested.

This first episode is called ‘Manhunt’. In Grand Rapids (USA) we have exclusive access to police officers involved in the manhunt and capture of a dangerous and desperate felon who is prepared to do anything to get away.

From armed raids to chases, close combat to public order offences, body cameras provide a unique window into how police units across the world are dealing with crimes of every description in today’s world.

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