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Body Cam Cops


In recent years, police units across the world have rolled out the use of body-worn cameras following in the footsteps of forces across the USA. Today, the majority of front-line police officers in America, Australia, the UK and Europe use this brand new technology to capture crimes as never before.

In this new series, Body Cam Cops captures the most outrageous, hazardous and extraordinary footage taken directly from officers on the frontline. From the drunken reveller who tried to assault a police officer, to the burglars caught in the act, vicious attacks and hit and run incidents, the body cams provide an exclusive, authentic and immediate entry point into compelling human stories.

Intercut with the astonishing body cam footage will be interviews with the officers who filmed the incidents, the perpetrators and the victims of the crimes. It’s up-close, personal and provides a unique window into how police units in different countries across the world deal with crimes of every description. The cameras will capture the reality of life on the frontline for the officers but it will also give us full access to the victims as they relive their ordeals in minute by minute detail. The footage doesn’t lie as every detail is recorded and replayed to reveal the shocking truth in each unique and individual case. The body cam footage will also be supported by CCTV and UGC of each event.

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